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QS3 2022 Summer Program

Modern Synthesis of Quantum Materials

Program Dates
July 18 - 29, 2022

The QS³ is an annual summer school with the mission of training  graduate students and postdocs in condensed matter, materials, and  related fields for the next "quantum revolution." The aim is to provide  students an interactive learning experience with both theoretical and  experimental leaders in the field and a connection to new technology.  The schools in years 2017-2019 focused on quantum computing, quantum  materials, and quantum devices. QS³ is supported by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research,

The program for the 2022 QS3 Summer School will focus on the modern  approaches to quantum materials synthesis from both experimental and  theoretical perspectives. Topics will include 2D materials, Bulk and  Thin Film Material Synthesis, Non-Equilibrium Materials, Computational  Materials Science. The basic fundamentals of these topics as well as  their connections to applications will be covered. Real-life  demonstrations and hands-on exercises will also be emphasized.

Interested graduate students and postdocs are encouraged to apply. Information about financial support can be found here. Please note that partial participation is strongly discouraged.