MIT, Materials Research Laboratory

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The MIT Materials Research Laboratory is accepting applications for the following summer opportunities:

NSF/DOE Quantum Science Summer School (QS3) 

Apply here:

  • Program is for graduate students and postdocs in the fields of condensed  matter physics, materials science, and disciplines of quantum science in  engineering, chemistry, and related fields
  • Dates are June 3-14, 2019
  • Graduate Students and Postdocs are encouraged to apply
  • Awards include round trip travel and attendance expenses
  • More information about the program can be found at

NSF/REU Summer Scholars Program

Apply here:

  • The program started in 1983, and has brought hundreds of the best  science and engineering undergraduates in the country to MIT for  graduate-level materials research. A wide range of project areas is  available.
  • Dates June 16- August 10, 2019
  • Open to students who are starting their junior or senior year at any college or university, other than at MIT in September of 2019
  • Only US citizens/permanent residents may apply
  • Stipend $6500 + round trip travel expenses up to $1000
  • More information about the program can be found at